Brand Guidelines

Version 1.0

DäckPartner is a chain of independent dealers in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In order to get a stronger brand, and build unified identity, it is important to ”talk with the same voice and wear the same clothes”. The purpose of these guidelines is to enable DäckPartner staff, suppliers, partners and external designers to adhere to the corporate branding strategy.


The logo identifies DäckPartner in the marketplace. In a quick, visually symbolic way, the logo represents us to the outside world.

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Correct use of color is important to make the DäckPartner stand out among its competitors.

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The typography is an important part of our identity. The correct fonts are needed to get the right look on all materials.

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The DäckPartner image bank can be accessed to get the right image for your purpose.

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Graphic elements

Two different elements are available for download, and are used to get a more lively expression on all communication.

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Stationary templates

Use to create material with own business name. Includes Business card, envelopes and MS Word templates.

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This section includes advertising templates for all countries.

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Facade signage

This chapter explains the basic guidelines for building facades and signage.

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Branded vehicles help us stand out in the local market.

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