Graphic elements

Two different graphical elements are made and should bu used to compliment the other defined elements to make a distinguished and recognisable look. They can be used alone or together. (More examples of usage can be seen in other segments of this brand guidelines).

Tire Pattern

The pattern is elaborated so that it harmonises with the new logo´s shape. The pattern can be used as an element to create structure on large surfaces, or as an element in clearly defines areas (for example as a stripe on the fringe of a dark area).

DP Profilmanual Stripe Utsnitt 900x600

Download tire pattern

Electric green stripe

A simple green stripe is a part of the DäckPartner profile toolbox, and can be used to maintain balance and variety.

Please note: The width of the stripe is not defined, but one should, as a general rule, NOT use stripes that are broader than the green circle in the logo symbol, when these two elements are to be displayed at the same time.

DP Profilmanual Striper 900x600

Combination of the two

This is an example of how the tire pattern and the green stripe can work together.

DP Profilmanual Stripestripe 900x600


The icons represent the different products and services provided by our dealers.

Typical use is on the webpage, and on signage to give the customer details about what we have to offer.

DP Profilmanual Ikoner 900x600

Arrow and Checkmark

DP Profilmanual Arrow and Checkmark