Facade signage

The main reason for DäckPartners visual identity makeover is to be more modern and visible, and get a higher consumer awareness in all markets. This is achieved through a clear and unified use of the new logo together with the other identity elements, on all materials targeting existing and potential customers. Our buildings and facades are one of the best places to practice these rules.

The following examples are based on a standard sign program. The program includes main DP sign, dealer name, sponsor marks, entrance, windows, guide signs, service signs, garage doors and information sign. Following these simple guidelines will ensure a clean appearance, and help us convey who we want to be.

DP Signage All

Main DäckPartner sign
The standard DäckPartner sign includes our name aligned horizontal to the symbol. There will be different version to choose from, both sizes and finishes.

DP Signage Main

Dealer name
The dealer name is placed away from the main DP sign and is always set in Electric Green or Midnight Blue depending on the background. It is very important to balance the size and placing of the dealer name against the size and placing of the DP logo so that the brand hierarchy is clear and understandable. The strong chain name, logo and identity will support and strengthen the dealer name, so the lasting impression should first off all be the chain, then the dealership.

DP Signage Dealername

It is important to keep the manufacturers sponsor marks more neutral than before, to ensure that they don´t overshadow or the mess up the clean appearance of the DP identity. All other logos except our own shall be white on the Midnight Blue background. By placing them together we minimize facade clutter and secure a clear hierarchy. Never forget the balance between the DP brand, the dealership and our sponsors/tyre suppliers.

DP Signage Sponsormarks

The Entrance is very important and should be clean and welcoming. It is developed a unified appearance for all guide signs such as the ones over the doors. DP logo with dealer name can be placed on the door or window with opening hour information. Windows can be decorated with a green stripe on the bottom edge. The owner symbol has a natural position in this area.

DP Signage Entrance

Service signs
Many dealers would want to communicate the services available to the customers. For this purpose it is appropriate to use the service icons together with a text description. Remember to keep it clean and simple.

DP Signage Services

Garage doors
All garage doors should be painted or in other way colored in the DP electric green. (Exceptions can be made if this gives an overly green appearance). This will give a very recognizable expression and help build our visibility in a crowded environment and marketplace. The doors can also be colored midnight blue and fitted with the DP symbol when extra attention is required, and appropriate.

DP Signage Doors

Information sign
Own information signs are common and useful. The same rules for hierarchy applies here. The DäckPartner logo should always be placed on top with additional information underneath.

DP Signage Info

Beach Flags 2,3m
Click the chosen link to download beach flag. This flag is 2,3 meters high, but the format can be adjusted to suit your needs.

DP Signage Info

Flag (1x3m)
Use these files to produce flags for your flag poles. The dimensions are 3 meters high and 1 meter wide. The flags can also be scaled down if a smaller size is needed.

Make sure the flag has the needed fittings (ropes etc.) when you place your order at your local manufacturer.

DP Flag

Banner (3x0,6 m)
Use these files to produce temporary banners. The dimensions are 0,6 meters high and 3 meter wide. The banners can also be scaled down if a smaller size is needed.

Make sure the banner has the needed fittings (holes, ropes/wires etc.) when you place your order at your local manufacturer.

DP Flag